National Poetry Day

Well today is the day – National Poetry Day. The launch of the Poetic Vision anthology was great with over 70 people in the Zoom room.

In view of the day & my attempts to get into writing more I came up with a very short, hopefully funny rhyme.

National Poetry day is today
When all the wordsmiths come out to play
And as I attempt to write a little ditty
I hope & I pray it won't sound too shitty

Creation is easier using pencil and paper
Deciphering it? Yeah that's a good caper,
Has a spider scrawled across my page?
Or is it a sign of my old age?

The muses who help relay the rhyme
Always turn up at just the wrong time
At 3am I should be asleep.
Instead of deciding which words to keep

When morning comes will I remember,
The words that came to me late September
And as I struggle to read what I wrote
I've completely forgotten that 'brilliant' quote.


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