In my last post I said a brilliant artist had inspired me to write and that I would post it soon. Well here it is!! 


cernunnos_callie copy

Contact Callie on Facebook or Deviant ArtDeviant Art


The World Beyond

In celebration of Amazon finally sorting out Wolfian 8 print edition I thought I’d share my poem which has been published in this edition.

Poem and image by ME however, I have been inspired by a wonderful artist and have her permission to upload some of my poems on her paintings. Which I will be doing so keep your eyes open.

In case you want to go and check her amazing artwork out for yourself she can be found on Facebook and Deviant Art. She also does murals and takes on commissions so get over there and show her some love & likes.


entrance to faery realmpoem

The Writer

This is something I wrote over 25 years ago. It makes me laugh as some of it has come true. I wear contact lenses and glasses for reading and typing, but when resting my eyes as I haven’t got varifocal or bifocal lenses – my glasses do wear glasses.

I’m still waiting for the ‘Rich and Famous’ part though.

the writer